Our mission

is to help business owners and/or department leaders to succeed through creative marketing strategies, business leadership coaching and innovative education.

We aim to create a conscious mindset to manage and lead your business!

Our vision

is to guide the business leaders and entrepreneurs to be more visible, embrace their uniqueness to thrive.

One of our Core Values

is to collaborate with larger organizations that try to communicate with the Hispanic consumer, using the appropriate language, visuals, and approach for that community. And help businesses through proven strategies grow out of business cultural barriers and thrive within the US Economy.

Tatiana Orozco/ Founder of Torozco, LLC

Tatiana Orozco, a US-born Colombian who created Torozco Digital, women, and minority-owned company serving clients in the US and South America.

Tatiana has served a wide variety of private clients, ranging from start-ups to 9-figure-revenue businesses, to government. Her marketing strategy and digital marketing knowledge are top-notch. 

She is also one of the pioneers of e-learning in our community.

A visible leader in the NJ Hispanic community, Tatiana collaborates with multiple statewide and national organizations where she serves as coach and mentor for start-ups and small businesses. She recently obtained an Executive Coaching certificate from NYU.

She is the team leader of multicultural campaigns that 

directed the creative and technical elements of integrated marketing.

A passionate entrepreneur that brings two worlds together as a multicultural digital marketing strategist. A true believer that brands are created with a purpose and the business managed with a conscious mindset.

A human being that loves evolution and decided to go for a Coaching Diploma to help herself and clients realize their true potential as leaders. And a rebel of the tedious traditional forms of education. She became an e-learning developer to help businesses train and teach their teams through fun and cool interactive platforms. 

The creator of a unique blend to help business scale-up. Marketing for the Business, coaching for the Leader, and E-learning for the Team. ™


Our team is a creative and multi-talented team that follows our unique blend and strategy and creates the effective tools for each marketing campaign. The design and development of these tools are carefully created to align the clients business plan.