According to the 2020 Hispanic Market report, Hispanics now represent 19% of the total U.S. population, with 62.8 million hard-working souls that comprise the fastest-growing population segment since 2000. In the state of New Jersey alone, 1.8 million people are of Hispanic descent. Applying this revolutionary three-pillar methodology, the Hispanic Community is now the beneficiary of this win-win-win situation where new leaders are born to attract new customers and, in turn, help the Community become stronger, bigger, and even more successful, thus making Torozco Digital able to help even more leaders, teams and businesses.

At Torozco Digital, purpose becomes marketing, so we are not just about sales, ROI, conversion rates, SEO, digital marketing strategies, web design, brand awareness, and everything your typical marketing agency offers; we are about people.

Dreams become purpose which becomes goals, then plans, and finally, thriving, evolved businesses that feed the success of an ever-growing group of people that decided to change their mindset forever.

Tatiana Orozco, our founder and director, has her own personal journey of surpassing inner and outer obstacles that give Torozco Digital a true success story.

After overcoming the many obstacles that stem from being both from Colombia and the United States and feeling she didn’t belong. Tatiana became passionate about understanding both cultures, languages, dialects, ways to do business, and the differences and similarities between the Hispanic world and the American way of life.

As many of us face adversity, change, and unfamiliar waters, Tatiana was afraid to start her own business. She climbed the U.S. corporate ladder with her Colombian university degree and a few years of experience in the Latin American market. She found a job to put all her skills in design and marketing to good use.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others made that voice in her head that told her to start her own business.