Tatiana Orozco

Founder of Torozco, LLC

Tatiana Orozco is not only our leader and inspiration for our brand but our heart and soul. She is the US-born Colombian new thought leader behind Torozco Digital, a women-and minority-owned multicultural marketing and business evolution agency serving clients in the U.S. and Latin America.

She has set out to help leaders evolve in the business world and aid in a more diverse and inclusive evolution of Hispanic Culture one leader at a time because representation truly does matter.

Torozco Digital, experts in multiculturality in business, can also serve you in English and Spanish.

Her vision is to guide the Hispanic business owner’s to be more visible and embrace their uniqueness to thrive and prosper as a vital part of the economy. She is also a liaison for more prominent organizations trying to communicate with the Hispanic consumer.

Tatiana is an industrial designer and marketer trained in Latin American international trade and mediation, business coaching,  and digital marketing. Her navigation through the turbulent waters of migration has given her a privileged perspective on the American and Hispanic ways of life.

Torozco Digital has served private clients ranging from start-ups to nine-figure-revenue businesses to government clients.

When someone understands the feeling of not belonging as Tatiana does, they aim to create the community and the tools for others to feel included. Hence, she is a visible leader in the NJ Hispanic community and collaborates with multiple statewide and national organizations to serve as a business coach and digital marketing mentor.

She is a passionate entrepreneur who brings two cultures together through innovative education. Her roots, upbringing, and personal turmoil have given her a unique take on the Hispanic community and its needs, wants, and challenges.

Tatiana Orozco
Founder of Torozco, LLC
Tatiana Orozco
Founder of Torozco, LLC
Tatiana Orozco
Founder of Torozco, LLC

Tatiana truly believes that brands are created with a larger vision and profound purpose, which she intends to bring to businesses and leaders.

She is a driven human being who has undergone quite an evolutionary journey. That is why she can stand beside leaders and help them realize their true potential, so they can evolve personally and evolve their teams and businesses.

Tatiana combined her talents, experience, and passion and created a unique new business method that addresses the most important aspects of a business:

Marketing with leadership

in an evolved world

It is always a good sign when a company offers something they have done themselves, and Tatiana’s personal and business evolution, her struggles with traditional forms of education, as well as her training, degrees, and experience are what allow TorozcoDigital to guide businesses leaders, marketing professionals, and agencies with:

  • Multicultural purpose marketing that understands the Hispanic customer, idiosyncrasy, trends, and preferences not only to serve you better but so you can serve your customers better
  • Sales growth so you can continue to reinvest and thrive
  • Improvement of client retention and brand awareness
  • Maximization of productivity through coaching and education.

Tatiana created and trademarked her business evolution methodology:

This unique methodology helps businesses scale up and sustain their growth through three pillars: Marketing for the Business, Coaching for the Leader, and E-learning for the Team™️.