A Productive Team

Meet Goals Faster by Working as a Team

#E-LearningForTheTeam #BeyondTraining #TeamAlignment

It is not a happy world if we think we were born alone and die alone. We are social animals who need each other to survive and thrive.

There is an “I” in “team” because “I” cannot be or do my best without others. It is my work and their work that intertwines to trigger the best of our abilities, knowledge, capacities, and passions. Teams are meant to build on each other’s strengths, which allows goals to be met easier, faster, and more robustly.

As a team:

  • Establish SMART goals
  • Assign tasks according to each member’s strengths
  • Set a timeline
  • Make sure to help each other out and provide feedback
  • Assess and tweak throughout the entire project
  • Present results
  • Acknowledge every member’s input

There are no bad employees, but inadequate training or bad systems. We are more together if we recognize we cannot do everything alone.