Hire a Marketing Agency

In-house Marketing or Hiring an Agency?


For micro enterprises (1-9 employees), small enterprises (10-49 employees), and even some medium-sized enterprises (50-249 employees), a full-time employee dedicated to marketing generates an overhead cost, is sometimes idle, and doesn’t necessarily produce results or a visible ROI since a single person can never do what an entire team at a top marketing agency can.

The best marketing agencies have the following benefits:

  • Need-to-have basis to ensure maximum ROI.
  • Accumulated and updated the experience of many clients and all team members at once.
  • Tailored service to satisfy specific goals on, usually, stricter timeframes.
  • An outside, unbiased view of your business.
  • Limited payments for actionable results for a limited time with plans that can be implemented for months to come.
  • Other services like coaching or e-learning complement and maximize marketing efforts.
  • Senior marketers with a wealth of knowledge that can help create strategies and guide their implementation with a much more affordable team.

You decide what suits your company best; just make sure your marketing team delivers top value, in-house or outsourced.