Purpose Marketing


Start-up Entreprenuer :Iris Otaño

The Concern

The leader behind this start-up wanted to help good-hearted people make money, invest, and build financial security and stability by using her knowledge in real estate and short-term rentals.

Our Tailored Plan and its Impact

The first step was to empower this leader by using all the tools available through business leadership coaching, one of our three-pillar systems: Coaching for the Leader. This allowed her to identify strengths and become more comfortable working on aspects to be improved. By identifying and defining what made her and her service unique and giving her the tools to put her talents to good use, the second part of our three-pillar methodology could be implemented: Purpose Marketing for the Business. A great marketing plan could now be made to identify and reach her target audience so she can help more clients access real estate properties to buy or rent.


  • Business Leadership Session


  • Purpose Marketing Strategy