Business Evolution: The Methodology


Karem Ospino at Ospino Consulting - Small Business Owner

The Concern

This client came with an initial concern that looked straightforward enough: increase sales, attract new customers, and expand.

Our Tailored Plan and its Impact

Our business evolution three-pillar plan led us to begin coaching sessions as part of our Coaching for the Leader pillar. While creating a marketing plan, inevitable roadblocks were encountered that didn’t allow creating an adequate purpose marketing plan that met the client’s needs. Once the roadblocks were identified and managed, a need to rebrand was uncovered, and the initial need for a marketing campaign turned into restructuring the entire company.

This, in turn, created the need to bring the whole team on board and align them to the new mindset with new tools and roadblocks-free. Therefore, a second pillar, E-learning for the Team, was implemented to create the content necessary for the team to evolve with their leader.

Now the company was finally ready to be relaunched, and an adequate marketing plan was put in place based on purpose and a proper reason for being. New compelling communication tools, a new website, and strategies to reach the ideal customers have drawn more customers and are beginning to bear fruit not only in revenue and brand awareness but in the overall satisfaction of the leader and the team.

This is true business evolution!

The Evolution Methodology


  • Business Leadership Sessions


  • Agency Package


  • Virtual Training and Team Alignment